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If You Suffer From Chronic Back or Neck Pain, Then You May Be a Candidate For Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression!

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See What These Former Pain Sufferers Think Of Spinal Decompression.

Before, I was in constant pain and had been for years. That caused hopelessness and depression. When I stood up from a chair or bed, it took a minute or two before I could walk. I could not walk the whole length of the mall without pain. Working in the yard was extremely painful too. When taking trips in the car, I had to stop every hour and walk around. I could not stand up straight and I stayed tired all the time.

Now, the pain is not constant. I have periods when I am not even aware of it at all. My energy level is higher and I have a renewed feeling of well-being. Today I plan to start a program at the gym to strengthen my lower back and abdomen. I shopped for two hours without pain. Hope has returned.
Pat Prince Gainesville, GA

In the summer of 2001, my husband, George, and I were in the process of building our bed and breakfast. To save money, George decided to have me scrape the new stickers off all the windows. One day when I was jumping up and down on the kitchen cabinets, climbing and pulling a ladder, I bent down to pet my poor neglected pooch when I felt a “pop” in my back. I could not breath, could not straighten up, it hurt so bad. George rushed me to the ER. I was given muscle relaxers and pain pills. The medicine did help.

The following December I was carrying a heavy tray of dishes and I heard another “crack” in my back. I went to the ER again and they gave me the same medication as before but this time it didn’t work at all. I couldn’t stand or walk for long periods of time. I couldn’t walk up the stairs too many times, and we have 4 flights of stairs.

Since then I used Therma-Care wraps, Ben Gay, Lidoderm patches, Bayer Back and Body Pain, all kinds of prescriptions. I’ve had 2 injections, monthly massages, (other) chiropractic care and even hypnotherapy and acupuncture but nothing helped to relieve my back pain.

George saw the ad for the DRX 9000 and I called for the information immediately. In the very first week of my therapy I was relieved. I had no soreness, no more pain, and I noticed I could stand and walk long distances and I could even walk my dogs after months of not being able to. Now I tell everyone who has back trouble to go and try the DRX.

Lucille Hlavenka, Sautee

"After the second week of decompression therapy I began to experience relief"

I had been experiencing moderate pain in the low back and left leg for two years before injuring my back in February. It was then that the pain became severe and I was unable to get out of bed. I had been cutting wood when I felt a sharp pinch in my lower back. Within minutes I was unable to stand.

The Doctor suggested an MRI which showed two bulging discs and one herniated disc which was putting severe pressure on the Sciatic nerve. The pain was severe and I could not function at all.

After the second week of decompression therapy I began to experience relief. After weeks 4 and 5 I had pretty much returned to life as normal though still being very cautious. I can now sit without pain and numbness and I have just returned from a week at the beach without any complications. The decompression therapy has definitely restored my life.

Hank Sprouse, Chestnut Mountain

"I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up”

About three years ago I fell off a ladder and ended up fracturing my spine and compressing three of my vertebrae. In the beginning of my recovery, I couldn’t even get out of bed, then when I could get up, I walked like an 80 year old man. (my wifecalled me Ozzie)

After some steroid shots I could get up and stand up pretty straight, but I couldn’t tie my shoes or play ball with my kids. My life had pretty much stopped being what I wanted it to be. I was always worried about ending up the way I used to be right after the fall.

After several different pain management approaches I found out about Spinal Decompression and thought it couldn’t hurt, and so I gave it a shot.

Since being on Spinal Decompression I have been able to do things that I thought I’d never do again. I can play ball with my kids, ride my 4-wheeler and tie my shoes! I even made it through a trip to Disney World. I am walking better than I have in three years and my wife can’t call me Ozzie anymore.

Thanks so much for introducing me to Spinal Decompression.
-Jason Yarbrough, Alto

Back Pain and Herniated Disc

After several equestrian accidents, I was suffering from two unstable vertebrae in my lower back. Riding my horse was beginning to be too risky for me to do, but I refused to give up my riding. The times when my back “went out” on me were becoming more and more frequent and I was losing about one week or more from work every year. Finally, one day, while doing something as simple as picking blackberries, Bam, my back went out again.

I decided that something’s gotta give. I can’t live like this. After researching some options, like surgery (no way), or shots (just a band-aid). I spoke with The Doctor and he told me about Spinal Decompression. I had an MRI and it showed that I had two bulging discs and one of them was herniated. (no wonder I hurt)!! Not very long after I started treatment on Spinal Decompression machine I began to see some change. I could actually bend over and put on my socks without having my back go out again. I was actually able to move around better at home and at work. (Wrigley’s) I wasn’t having the mornings of having to hang on the furniture just to make it from one room to another. I even spent Labor Day weekend weed-eating one of my fence lines. TWO days of it!! Without any pain afterwards. I couldn’t do this before without spending the next week in bed.

I wasn’t allowed to ride my horses again until after the full disc decompression treatment was complete. And now I am through with my therapy and I’ve got my saddle polished and my riding day circled on my calendar. It has been so long since I’ve ridden, I just hope I don’t have to retrain my horses.
-Angela Savage

P.S. Yesterday I rode 5 hours on my horse and I had no painwhile riding and I have no paintoday!! (Hi-hSilver!!!)

I couldn’t get out of bed without pain

My back use to hurt me so bad in the mornings, I couldn’t get out of bed without pain. Before I started on Spinal Decompression, I was having two and three Charlie Horses (cramps) in my right leg every night. They were so bad, I had to get out of bed and stand up before they would go away. I was losing sleep all the time.

I do Home day-care, and I couldn’t pick up the children even to change them. My sister and sister-in-law were helping me with the kids. I couldn’t vacuum, sweep, mop or do most of my household chores without pain. I love to work in my flowers, but I couldn’t keep them up and eventually the weeds took over.

I had heard about Spinal Decompression and I went and got an MRI of my low back and it showed I had a bulging disc.

Now, after finishing my treatment, I can take care of the children by myself. I am not getting anymore leg cramps. I even fixed my King size bed by myself which I haven’t been able to do for a while. I dusted everything in the house the other day, even the ceiling fan without pain. I walked one mile today, I hope to build back up to 3 miles a day. Me and my husband traveled to Gatlinburg for vacation, and I made it! No pain! My son got married the next weekend and I didn’t have any pain all day.

I highly recommend that if you need Spinal Decompression, that you do it! It will make a G-R-E-A-T difference to your life. I’m looking forward to next summer so I can work in my flowers again.

-Patsy Youngblood

“Get Use To Taking Pain Pills”

I am a schoolteacher and I spend at least a couple of hours a day on the computer. I began to have a sharp shooting pain in my right arm, shoulder and hand when I use the mouse. The pain worsened and my arm began to be numb. Soon, the pain spread into my middle back and right shoulder blade.

I went to my doctor (M.D.) and he referred me to a neurologist. An MRI showed that my C 4-5-6 were degenerated so badly that they were pressing on the nerves to my arm and hand. I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome! The neurologist referred me to a neurosurgeon. The doctor wouldn’t do surgery because I was too young. I asked what else could I do and she said “get use to taking pain pills.” I couldn’t believe it! This was a doctor? I saw Dr.Crumbley to help stop the pain and he put me on Spinal Decompression machine.

Through the course of a few weeks my pain lessened and lessened until it was almost non-existent. I can again work at my computer without pain. I no longer have to sleep, propped up with pillows, with my arm over my head. I am able to teach with more energy now and my overall mood has lightened since I don’t have to deal with the constant pain. I still have some lingering numbness but I expect a full recovery over time, Thanks to The Doctor. That’s something that 3 M.D.s couldn’t do. Gabe Loggins, Gainesville

-Gabe Loggins, Gainesville

I am 64 years old. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with degenerative joint disease. At the age of 11, I was hit by a car and thrown 120 feet, landing on my back and hip. At the age of 35 I fell through a floor opening to a cellar and landed on my back on the cement floor. I have been in pain off and on since then, with the pain becoming constant for the past 6 years. I am unable to take muscle relaxers and pain medicine. I have had steroid shots (brief relief) and epidurals (made it worse). I’ve spent a fortune on pain creams, patches, ice packs, hot packs, etc. I had very little quality of life. I’m an artist and I haven’t been able to stand or sit to paint for 6 years. I was unable to do household chores. I couldn’t make my bed, open a jar or lift the coffee pot. I couldn’t lift my dogs or shift my car out of park without pain. On a good day, I could walk up and down 2 aisles at the grocery store.

Two years ago I had to quit my job which required standing. I had a severe limp, and back pain, I had pain from my neck to my toes, catches in my back, legs and hips that would stop me in my tracks and take my breath away. I couldn't lift my legs to put on my shoes. I couldn’t sleep at night, due to the cramping in my back and legs. I couldn’t shower without help. In the mornings, I would sit on the side of my bed and cry, then get up long enough to get two ice packs and then wait 30-60 minutes before I could manage to start my day.

I thank God I was a candidate for the DRX program. I went through my 20 treatments. The evening after the very first treatment, I had some relief. I couldn’t believe it. I thought “if this is as good as it gets, I’ll be so thankful.” After the 2nd treatment I could put on my socks and shoes, I was very excited. Every treatment brought me closer to being a normal person, getting my life back. At the end of my 20 sessions I am pain free, with a bonus. I have no pain in my hands, neck, feet or legs. Although I’m still being very cautious in my movements, I can do ALL of the above mentioned activities, which I couldn’t accomplish before the DRX.

When I first heard the price of the treatments, I gasped, hoping Pam didn’t hear me on the other end of the phone. But I would have taken out a loan if need be to try the treatment. I know I’ve spent a great deal more than the cost of the DRX on alternative means in the past 20 years.

I thank God for The Doctor and for him being a pioneer in Northeast Georgia, for making these treatments available to those of us who were in desperate need of help. I also want to thank The Doctor, Nancy and Pam for their kindness, empathy and caring. And to thank my family for their patience, love and help through all my pain.

Bonnie Skinner, Flowery Branch age 64

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Serious back and neck pain in the form of sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, or spinal stenosis can be treated using non surgical spinal decompression. Learn more about this safe and easy back pain treatment offered by First Choice Chiropractic by reading about our chiropractic services; check out the spinal decompression reviews from our satisfied clients; read questions and answers about spinal decompression; do your own spinal decompression research; visit the spinal decompression education center; and read First Choice Chiropractic spinal decompression blog.

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